“Blending your property with nature.”


Gunnison Valley Landscapes

It is our goal at Gunnison Valley Landscapes to build the highest quality, functioning, water-wise, unique and beautiful landscapes in Colorado.

Our attention to detail, passion for our profession, and experience make us your best choice as your local landscape contractor.  It is imperative that we design and build landscapes that use the least amount of water and are low maintenance.  Many of our clients are second homeowners and they desire a natural, low maintenance landscape that adds beauty and functionality to their outdoor spaces.

Some of our services include: Landscape Design, Native Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Stonework, Reclamation, Site Planning with Contractors, Site Auditing Services, Irrigation and Water Conservation.

 International Arborist Society |  The Stone Foundation | Colorado Nurserymen Association

Stone Work

I love to work with stone as you may see in our landscape photos. We typically do not use power tools, we use carbide tipped hand chisels for all of our flagstone work.


Landscape Design

I try to use native plant material whenever possible. I love the opportunity to combine stone, perennial wildflower and ground-covers.



Reclamation is the conversion of wasteland into land suitable for use of habitation or cultivation.