Irrigation / Water Conservation

Irrigation/Water Conservation

“I encourage my clients to make decisions that save water…”

One of our great challenges today and into the future is the use of water. I have been installing irrigation systems in Gunnison County for over twenty years. I am a Certified Irrigation Contractor and Certified Irrigation Auditor through the Irrigation Association. We use the latest technology and best commercial products on the market. We winterize all the systems we install.

Agriculture is by far the largest water use across the world but landscape irrigation is not far behind, accounting for over 7 billion gallons of water used each day in the United States alone.  It is said that landscape irrigation wastes more water than it uses but with proper landscaping, we can manage our fresh water supply and protect the water environment.

Proper watering can lead to a 30-80% overall water savings per household and can help you maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape.  Factors to take into consideration include: proper soil preparation, runoff, placement of shrubs, trees and flowerbeds, drip systems and application of mulches to flower beds.

For more photos of our water conservation projects visit our Portfolio page.