“I love to work with stone as you may see in our landscape photos.  Our boulder placements mimic natural outcrops as you might see in nature.  I have trained with Japanese, English, Canadian and Irish master stone wallers and I continue to learn and train in the art of stone masonry.”

We design and build many different elements with the use of stone. All of our patios and pathways are hand chiseled stonework. This technique provides a much more attractive and natural end product, resulting in less waste in materials. We install approximately five hundred tons of boulders each year. We design and build retainer walls, rock gardens, and large boulder placements. We also build traditional stacked stone walls.

We still use old world trades in our modern designs, starting with our carbide-tipped hand chisels.  We use these chisels in all of our flagstone work to conserve as well as assist in creating a natural and artistic product.  To better mimic nature’s natural design, we usually don’t use power tools.

I have trained with the Stone Foundation and learned ancient stone walling methods from master stone wallers from England, Spain, Canada, Ireland and the United States.

For more photos of our stonework designs visit our Portfolio page.